The Naked Truth about Using a Tandoori Oven to Cook

Overview of Tandoori Oven

Tandoori oven is a cylindrically shaped large oven that is heated with the aid of wood or charcoal fire supplied from within the lower part of the oven. The cylinder is hollow within where the charcoal is placed. The food you want to cook is either hung directly on top of the fire or stuck to the sides of the clay surface. This type of cooking can as well be referred to as radiant heat or hot air cooking due to the fact that the food comes in direct contact with the fire. The cooking speed in Tandoori oven is very fast for the reason that the heat in it goes up to almost 480 degrees Celsius which is equivalent to 900 degrees Fahrenheit. In order to make the process of cooking food quick and easy, this temperature is maintained for several hours.

Tandoori ovens are popularly used in regions like Central Asia, India, Turkey, Pakistan and the Middle East. To allow for cooking in a traditional way, any restaurant that serves tandoori chicken will surely have a dependable tandoori clay oven. It is assumed that an insinuation of clay from the oven is in the food, adding to the general delicacy of its charred flavor and aroma.

A tandoori oven is designed to offer very high dry heat. The fuel for the fire is being provided by charcoal lining at the base of the structure. Employees keep a long vigil to keep the coals burning all the time, in order to produce temperatures approaching 900°F (480°C). Most foods prepared in a tandoori oven develop a very crisp outer layer without sacrificing moistness on the inside, at such high temperatures.

Why You Need Tandoori Oven for Cooking

There are a lot of reasons for using Tandoori oven for cooking including the following:

1. Food such as bread, fruit, vegetables and meat can be enhanced by this method of dry cooking. In order to give additional flavor and a moist texture, different oils and butter can be added once the food has been cooked.

2. As the temperature in a tandoori oven is constantly intense, food can be cooked very quickly. This is the reason why meats can be cooked thoroughly and results in a smoked crisp tang. A speedy as well as an effective way to get the best results is by placing meat on skewers. Bread dough is more often than not cooked by sticking it to the inner wall of the oven, which can also give the baked smoked effect.

3. The food prepared in a tandoori oven will have a unique taste because the tinge of the charred clay will seep inside the food because the ancient oven is typically made from clay.

4. It saves time.

5. The oven will maintain a consistently high temperature for many hours with little extra fuel, once it is heated.

Types of tandoori ovens

  • Square Tandoori – This type of oven is commonly used by restaurants all over the world.
  • Gas Tandoori – Resembles the square tandoori but it is fitted with burners. On the other hand, the gas can be Propane or Natural gas.
  • Charcoal Tandoori – Purely uses charcoal to function.

Without mincing words, Tandoori ovens provide a truly one-of-a-kind Indo-fusion experience. Your meals will be bursting with unique flavors and taste, making use of masalas, freshly mixed spices as well as healthy oils. However, if you want to install a tandoori oven in your kitchen for daily use, the regular Square Size is the best choice. Moreover, if you want to use tandoori oven in your kitchen on a regular basis, you must have a quality exhaust.